A BOOKS Rec Covid Lockdown e-mail update

it's not the end

Hello friends,

Just a quick one as u may have noticed I’ve dropped the ball on the newsletter front. I’m back at the shop Thurs–Sun now which means a) a lot less time to Engage w/ Content for this and b) when I get home i’m 1000% knackered from 3 months of being sat on my arse.

BUT – I don’t want to just bow out. Lockdown is kind of over but also not really and for a lot of people not at all. And also I still have a shitload of tabs open. So i’m positing the transition to a weekly email of recs I can amass through evenings & my ‘days off’. Not sure what day yet, maybe monday night or wednesday or something I’ll figure it out. Then we can see how it goes. If you pay for these gimme a message and I’ll work out how to refund.

So that’s it - I don’t even have a single rec for you here I truly have been pure vibing in the moment / wanting to die from hulking boxes of books around. But I will return.

In the meantime feel free to come by the shop and say hi.

See u soon,

P x