B O O K S recommendations #16


Hello friends,

Today I recommend watching this film by Ayo Akingbade on the Angell Town estate in Brixton. It’s a short 13 mins of interview & archive but is a beautiful portrait of Dora Boatemah who was integral to the community while remaining very much in the present, juxtaposing the action & organising then vs the rampant gentrification of Brixton right now. It goes offline on Friday so get on it and thank you to Jenny Pengilly for the tip.

The worlds #1 animator Peter Millard just put up his new film cumcumcumcumcum everybody which I would recommend watching with yr headphones in (trust me). His vimeo is full to the brim with other insanity so worth working yr way through the back catalogue.

Otherwise I’m v into the P22 record & this v short text on Wail Qasim’s substack on communal living (& Brecht). I read some other stuff like this review of Will & Testament by Vigdis Hjorth which maybe isn’t interesting if you’ve not read it, & this Iain Sinclair piece on peripheral Kray twin true crime tell-alls which I can imagine even the thought of has a good chunk of you rolling yr eyes. I get it, your brain hasn’t been infected with The Cardinal & The Corpse & all it’s various characters, good for you.

More tomorrow as always,

P x