A hundred years ago (2002) I bought a knock-off 3-cd hip hop compilation from either Woolworths or HMV which in hindsight was jam packed with bangers and the last cd had The Tale on it - then in 2011 (?) my housemate at the time started dating a guy who lived w/ a girl Ty was seeing so we crossed paths v briefly a few times and he was always just an extremely sound guy. RIP big man.

I’ve not much to share again today just some bits I’ve had on in the background while doing other stuff. Thanks to Will for this v mellow videogame music mix, this also was v good and calm, thanks to Sean for linking this which is absolutely not mellow & absolutely rips.

You ever hear about someone and realise yr a big dumb dumb who doesn’t know anything? Anyw I just discovered Pati Hill thanks to Osa Atoe sharing this article. Very up my street. Theres another brief bit about her work on Fr*eze here as well. Extremely good that all of her books are out of print and cost a fortune, very very cool!

I’m mid way through some v long shit so apols again for the minimal content. Life is life.


P x