Romeo Taylor and nothing else

Hi pals,

I’m compiling a list of stuff i’m reading, watching, listening to, etc. Mainly to give me something to do / focus on / stop me momentarily from refreshing twitter & watching everyones insta stories. Here’s my top recs from the last few days.

Number one of course is Romeo Taylor’s twitch stream. He’s doing a live concert at 7pm every Tuesday and they’re fucking amazing. Do Not Miss Next Tuesday’s.

I’ve listened to Year of the Cat maybe 100 times today.

I’m reading Anne Boyer’s substack because it’s probably the best thing being written in the english language right now. I was late to it so am reading 2 entries a day as a way to eek it out like a little treat.

Some articles i’ve enjoyed (wrong word) are this by Mike Davis, about who gets left behind in a pandemic and how we need to unlink health from profit forever ffs, this from Mood mag which is a great new initiative around mental health that seems v timely – particularly the last paragraph which situates the preceding discussion about how we perceive people talking about ‘mental health’ online within the extremely current context now that we are all slowly going insane and our only forms of communication are online. And this on the guardian, an extract from Mike Townsend’s book No Return about 5 brothers who went from bullied teenagers to Brighton’s Hillstreet gang to fighting in Syria.

I v v v v v enjoyed Cucina Povera’s playlist on Freakzone, and Fried E/M’s record Modern World - it’s all complete gold but particularly into Die Laughing which I wanted to embed here but can’t but it’s peak covid listening so get on it.

Send me what you’re looking at listening to reading please you can email the books email or dm me on instagram or comment below or email me at

That’s it! I still can’t read books! See you tomorrow!!

P x