I hope prince charles dies


I tried today to escape the cycle of Covid related endless scrolling (not totally successful but worth a go). But it is Inescapable so I’ve a couple related links to begin then we can move on to other stuff.

I’ve been listening to The Burner each morning, even though hearing the theme-jingle brings back traumatic memories of those hopeful mornings during the election campaign. I’m finding it a good way to feel like I know whats going on with the virus without needing to constantly read every new story/analysis. The link above is sort of weird but I subscribe through Telegram and you get it sent to you each morning.

Equally bleak but in a slightly different way to just refreshing the death tolls is this article by Gideon Lichfield about both the long-term social changes this might bring if the Imperial study is right and social distancing will need to be implemented for 18 months at the very least, and how surveillance technology is and will be a huge factor in how this is “managed”. Thanks to Clara for sending me this.

OK nicer things. Today I turned my phone off for a couple hours and listened to this killer mix by DJ, illustrator, sticker entrepreneur and all-round angel Piggybankshoe - I would also recommend the 2 New Age Jackhammer mixes on his soundcloud too for similarly ambient medieval fantasy videogame music. It’s v relaxing and made me focus long enough to finally finish my fuckin book.

I also watched loads of All Gas, No Brakes because it’s the most important ethnography of american culture since Studs Terkel.

Also this v cute short The Private Life of a Cat by Alexander Hammid & Maya Deren. Thank u to Ruzha for sending me & cn there is some kitten-birth.

My other rec I watched last year but WISH I could watch for the first time rn because it is the ultimate anti-depressant - Yuri!!! On Ice. It’s a beautiful anime about failure and figure skating and self confidence and love and I love it.

& that’s it! Tomorrow I’ll try and read something!

P x