BOOKS COVID-19 E-Mail #70

comrades jedward


I recommend:

This film by Menelik Shabazz on the New Cross fire & subsequent demonstrations. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

This fantastic essay by Isabel Waidner on the lack of a british queer literary avant-garde, austerity-decimated seaside towns & Caspar Heinemann. Fully into their “100% commitment to replacing the pseudo-objectivity of mainstream review culture with insider info”.

This poem / deconstruction of a tenancy agreement by the one & only Holly Pester.

This interview between Lola Olufemi & Jay Bernard around her new book is great - thanks to Ed for sharing. (the books half-price on pluto atm btw).

This article on New Inquiry on the murder of George Floyd & the specific geographic & local context + liberal notions of nonviolence.

Also this on The Fader on Floyd’s rap career & not allowing him to just become another name - to recognise the full breadth of his humanity and his life.

This piece on gal-dem on the edgelord racist head of the politics dept at Birkbeck (who naturally just posted in solidarity with BLM). There is a template here to email Birkbeck yr concerns which I would encourage you to do.

That’s it for now -

P x