BOOKS Covid-20 Recs (Phase II)

"The lavatory's on the left, friends"


not gonna lie to you lads, everything is a complete fucking disaster.

if there is any hope, I hope it’s that the entire gallery system collapses, the Louvre takes down the Mona Lisa and replaces it with this video from Ben, 40 minutes of pure art, a compilation of instagram stories charting 2013-2020 in live music. Distorted noise, flashes of recognition, cracks in the wall; this is the archive.

today I watched 2 french romances (Portrait of a Lady on Fire b2b The World is Yours) and listened to the Katy and Nick tape 3 times.

other than this I can only offer a mixed textual bag: this on reading Taito Matsumoto’s “lost” manga No5 on a defunct app on a knackered ipad; the intro to this new Ryan Bishop/John Beck book on 60’s avant-garde art & state/military tech projects; this 3am article on the negative dialectics of social distancing (lol) and more posadism w/ this article on The Baffler on UFOs & attempting to conflate the belief in aliens to alienation from society & a utopian view towards the possible (if anyones interested the best stuff I’ve read on this to date is this on Real Life a while back which discusses this Extremely Recommended book by Susan Lepselter which you can read online here)

that’s it. stay safe, stay sane - see u in the morning.