96-cute to 4-vile


Again working my way through the NTS backlog - this mix by my favourite band of all time is v good so I recommend putting it on right now to set the tone for the day.

Over breakfast u can watch this tv show w/ Huey Newton, Ishmael Reed & Jawanza Kunjufu on racism against black men. Shout out Carlton in the audience.

Watch the double whammy of this film by Juliet Jacques on cough Studio Voltaire cough, and the great Stuart Marshall film Bright Eyes which is up on Lux atm - both dealing in different & intersecting ways w/ the AIDS crisis & community & representation & the body. Juliet has talked about this in a few places but please watch Bright Eyes and then spend a minute reflecting on the fact it was commissioned for Channel 4 lol. A different time.

Thanks 2 Huw for recommending I watch Circus of Books on netflix about the gay porn bookstore in LA which I enjoyed v much last week, this review is good in picking up the lack of reflection of the actual (queer) community in relation to the (straight) family running the business.

I enjoyed this short text on Guy Fieri & escaping an abusive relationship [cn], & congrats to Official Friend of the Shop and legend Anne Boyer for the pulitzer win, thanks 2 Bryony for sharing this interview with her which also has a [cn] for abuse.

See you tomorrow for more compadres.

P x