gaz from the anus of the horse


Today, in order, for you;

WATCHED this film by Sam Keogh cos I missed both iterations so far of the Transmissions series screening artist films which has got a v good lineup. I await his appearance in my dream TONIGHT.

LISTENED to this LRB podcast on Simone De Beauvoir which was v good, thanks to Clara for the recommendation.

CAUGHT UP on some of the NTS Remote Utopias streams incl. JME on the best video game music, & this mad Indonesian Gabber half-hour.

READ 2 pieces on Real Life, this on the surveillance creep of covid tracking apps & tech-led responses in general, & this in defence (sort of ) of 5G conspiracies - both off the back of the latest ep of TrueAnon which deals with both things.

ALSO LISTENED to this Retrograde Youth record which is v good and apt for my brain atm.

See u tomorrow 4 more I hope!

P x