abolish the lot


This morning I have for you;

This great short mix by Samara Jundi as part of the new Waves & Rituals audio series by mother tongues. V excited to see what else comes out of the strand.

This paper on medieval concepts of stress & insomnia feels very timely, & super interesting looking at premodern conceptions of the body & nightmares & stress. Talks a little about ephialtes as well so I must link one of the best bands of all time.

I was reading something else on Invert journal but clocked this paragraph;

in Ray Filar’s text on wages for housework, labour & sex work which felt a bit On The Nose re: recent twitter discourse. The whole text is great tho & compares the (lack of) differences between the working particularities of prostitution as a result of it’s quasi-legal status & the casualisation of “legitimate” labour in the gig economy which now we might aswell just call ‘the economy’.

I v much enjoyed this episode of Buried in Space which was full to the brim w/ gold.

Finally finished watching Class Relations by Straub-Huillet which is based on Kafka’s Amerika & has our old pal Harun Farocki in the role of Delamarche. I don’t know if I can recommend it particularly in these circumstances but you make yr own mind up.

I also read this Guardian piece on the unsolved assassination of Swedens Prime Minister as part of my ongoing project to fully melt my own brain.

See u tomorrow for more friends, hope you’re well.

P x