BOOKS Covid EMAIL no. 58

Raccoon Rabies

+++ Sorry for delay I accidentally sent to only paid subs lol +++

Hello to you,

Today I v recommend this Radio 3 doc w/ Paul Purgas on early experimental electronic music in India which is great.

Also thanks to Matthew Walkerdine for sending the link to All Divided Selves - the Luke Fowler film on R.D Laing which is screening atm for free over on the modern institute with impeccable timing.

I enjoyed this piece on the Baffler on writing by key & essential workers in the midst of this crisis w thanks to Clara for the link.

Thanks to Andrew Key for sending this nice counter piece to all those very vague & naively optimistic pieces that have been going round (& I’ve shared) that the outcome of this situation will inevitably be a positive change. Nothing is inevitable.

Last & not least love this Barbara Hammer short on EAI at the moment of her talking to people on the subway & asking what they’re reading. A nice timely balm.

Thats it - see u tomorrow same time same place.

P x