Churchill's rotten cock eaten by maggots

Hello pals,

a quick one for you - this report from the Minneapolis uprising? protest? insurrection? cements All Gas No Brakes as the most important cultural output of the 21st century.

I watched both episodes of the incredible 2015 David Olusoga doc Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners which I really recommend, goes into detail about the post abolition compensation scheme & really outlines the sheer breadth of impact the slave trade has had on every aspect of this dogshit country. I guess goes without saying that it’s pretty fucking heavy at times.

I also watched this great lecture by Hannah Black which is essentially a reading of 3 different pieces & a really great q&a. Absolute energy.

Also big fan of this live Sarcasm benefit for Black Minds Matter. Recorded at DIY Space & released on the day it’s announced DSFL is closing (in it's current iteration fingers crossed) the last 20 seconds or so of post-band chat got me with a real sad-frown emoji look. RIP DIY Space, Long Live DIY Space.

See u tomorrow,

P x