Abolish time

Hello comrades,

I v much recommend the first ep of Social Crisis! Mental Crisis! a new weekly podcast by Sophie Carapetian & Jakob Jakobsen talking about their experiences of being institutionalised in different psychiatric systems & the ways in which these experiences are intersecting with the Covid–19 lockdown - we’re all getting a sense of the isolation, bleeding of time, productivity guilt, etc which people on the sharp end of mental health ‘treatment’ are all too familiar with. It’s v good and i’m looking forward to future episodes.

I watched this short doc (made by B.S Johnson) on The Smithsons, talking about Robin Hood Gardens mid-build. It’s amazing seeing them lay out the intention of this specific building(s) but within it their entire ethos, and then talk about vandalism for like ten minutes. Thanks to Matt Stuart who posted it on twitter roughly 100 years ago (just got round to it).

I also watched and highly recommend The Red and The Blue, Ken Loach’s Channel 4 film on the 1983 Labour & Conservative conferences. Extremely and Depressingly relevant but weirdly I didn’t find it bleak to see the same shit happening almost 40 years ago, sort of paradoxically comforting, I don’t know. It’s great & the rip even has the full original ad-breaks. Thanks to Sam Keogh who also posted it on twitter a while ago.

I v recommend this mix by Phambino which is generally v mellow except for the Worlds End Girlfriend feat. Hatsune Miku track which bangs. I think Sumena put this on their story??? MAybe? I can’t remember who flagged this but thanks it’s great.

That’s it for now, I have 27 tabs open so see u tomorrow for more of more - keep them coming

P x