Incl. a grocer so communist he only sold red beans

Thank you to the GOAT Ash Reid for the above and thank u to Rocky for eating the coronavirus. A king.

Not much today except I listened to this conversation between Huw Lemmey and Richard Scott about Genet, crime & the queer city which is great. On a similar tac & even touching on some of the same areas 100 years apart is this paper by Laura C. Forster on the 3500 refugees who came to London after the fall of the Paris Commune which is really great, & particularly interesting atm in terms of identifying areas of organisation & politics outside of the traditional spaces for organising, which feels apt now we’re All Inside Forever. A similar nudging towards how we might figure out how to do this is in these brief corona updates from Commune magazine from Jennifer Cooke and Natasha Lennard, w/ thanks to Enya for the link.

Other than that I enjoyed last night dipping into some of Request Fest by Turn on the Tube - they’re live-streaming a fake lineup of 3 shows a day over the weekend (so still time to catch the streams today (sunday)), based on requested bands & live sets available on youtube.

Also because 4 days ago the Politics Theory Other podcast twitter account posted a video of the scene where the military take over the city but everyone carries on as normal I watched the entirety of Patlabor 2 because this is the kind of thing you can do now if, like me, you have nothing else to do.

See you tomorrow for more of the same friends - hope u are all as good as can be.