One more parasite


I wanted to link to this v fun documentary on Chip & his various beefs but he got it taken down and even the screenrecorded one I watched has been removed too. I’ve linked one here but could be gone in the morning but just search ‘shots fired linkuptv’ and hopefully someone else has put it up. I honestly don’t care about Chip or Tinie Tempah or Bugzy Malone or Yungen but it’s v enjoyable.

I also thoroughly enjoyed this ominous John Smith film The Black Tower cos Southwark Notes linked on their twitter the other day. While I was there I watched the also v fun classic The Girl Chewing Gum cos why not.

Loved this on Diseased Pariah News zine & humour and food during the AIDS crisis, and this piece by Megan Nolan on our relationship to our own body in this time when we’re looking at ourselves on fucking zoom all day coupled with having zero physical contact. Also Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s new pandemic poem.

That’ll do for today. You can’t say I don’t have range at the very least. Til tomorrow my angels xxx