Log Off

Hello friends,

In order of consumption;

I will refrain from naming the person who linked me to this lest I reveal something but Thank You to [Person] for turning me onto The Nth Degree by Emamuel Almborg which is great. It’s (I think) a documentation of a performance & it’s development - working with young people to dramatise & talk about & draw comparisons between the 2011 riots and the Rebecca riots. It’s great I v recommend.

I also watched this BBC doc on iplayer about the development of psychological torture & its use during internment in Northern Ireland & in Guantanamo Bay now/indefinitely. Remember yr VPN.

Read this short text and fucking homework exercise from Daddy Bruno on the current ‘pause’ and the fight to reimagine what society will look like in the aftermath particularly in the face of climate armageddon.

An aside - if anyone can point me towards where I could watch Utopias by Marc Karlin (originally aired on Channel 4) in it’s entirety I would be v grateful and will link of course.

Big up true legend India Harvey for this posi lockdown mix Nothing is Forever - it ends with pure euphoria so recommend loudly at 7am.

A couple zine pdfs I really loved; Other Kin by George & Izzy from Shy Bairns a deep visual essay of research on the animal/human relationship. Also Blast Beat zine by Joe from Junk Whale & others is a v good v niche dissection of the blast beat complete with tabs, sheet music and song analysis of the depth and breadth of blast beat usage. Who knew hammering the snare could be used with such range.

Last but not least v enjoyed this text by Hussein Kesvani off the back of Vice & Buzzfeed laying off staff, about personal marketing & twitter numbers becoming the key metric for journalism & probably most other industries. Read this and the Latour back to back and weep lol.

Anyway, see ya tomorrow

P x