BOOKS Covid Recs 66


Hi pals,

V quick and minimal today

  1. This great Doris Lessing LRB piece on unwritten novels. Also recommend reading The Good Terrorist in a leisurely morning bath to feel decadent.

  2. This 7” by Kalle Hygien is amazing and has A++ artwork.

  3. V enjoyed the latest Doin’ It Ourselves feat. Charmpit & London Renters Union & George Michael.

  4. Thanks to Ash for this complete headfuck from Bellingcat on alt-right edgelord irony militias gunning for a new nihilistic civil war (and maybe getting it)

  5. A second headfuck for your saturday c/o Clara this longread on an absolute psychopath.

  6. Thanks to Joe Briggs for sharing this DJ Screw w/ George Floyd. Rest in Power.

Anyway remember good people exist we just need to find them and [redacted] everyone else.


P x