fuck mungo park

hello friends,

a bit late but what can you do. what is time. anyway here’s yr recs:

quite gutted i’ll definitely not make it to the Tom of Finland exhibition at House of Illustration so enjoyed this little zoom tour/presentation by Olivia Ahmad who curated it.

I also enjoyed digging into this great resource compiled by Michael Tisserand, author of Krazy! and George Herriman obsessive, sharing strips and illustrations and documents from the life & career of Herriman creator of Krazy Kat and essentially all modern cartoons. Particularly good engaging with Herriman’s use of blackface and minstrel characters in relation to his own mixed-race heritage.

I’ve ALSO been enjoying Boris’ NTS takeover, particularly this fuckin ripper of a show of wall-to-wall japanese crust. Also 100 years late but finally listened to the whole of Dolly Parton’s America, the 9-part podcast on Dolly Parton’s life which is v v good.

Sorry for the paid as always but I rec this v sweet short 16 min film on netflix on John Sheppard’s lifelong project building elaborate radio equipment to essentially DJ for UFOs which is quite beautiful. Also if anyone knows what John’s got rolling off this riso in the background I would love to know.

Read this mad interview in an old issue of Covert Action Information Bulletin w/ a cuban secret service guy who infiltrated the CIA for ten years and basically told Castro every time they were trying to assassinate him. It’s on page 16 of this pdf.

Thanks to Tom for sending over this v short covid piece on opera north which is v fun. I also listened to the new Burna Boy feat. this anti-colonial banger featuring the great Ama Ata Aidoo herself (and also the cunt from coldplay)

ANyway thats it more coming when I get a minute sorry sorry.

Til then,

P x