BOOKS Covid Recs Day #14

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Hello comrades,

4 bits for you today.

Why not LISTEN to this podcast from The Funambulist with Walter Bgoya of Mkuki na Nyota, an independent publisher in Tanzania, on pan-african publishing, Tanzania’s colonial & independent history, publishing as radical/political practice & the importance of a local literary culture.

Or WATCH this amazing 3-hour long rip from the master Mike Kelley to satiate yr desire for farm girls, structuralist mimes, shy satanists, morose ghouls, lonely vampires & horse dancers. Thanks 2 Ash for the link.

I also read this v interesting blogpost by Katrina Navickas on the very timely topic of the right to use of public spaces, and watched this film by Sven Augustijnen which follows a civil servant who has spent 30-odd years researching the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, from the decadent Belgian countryside to the road in Katanga where he was shot. It was linked on the ICA email and is supposed to expire soon so would get on it if that sounds like something you’re interested in.

As always, see you tomorrow bright & early.