Hanging in there just about.

Articles read: this interview with Ariella Aïsha Azoulay about imperialism & the development of photography, decolonisation & the archive. Sounds dry but isn’t. This re-posted Village Voice article from 87 on ‘plague lit’. This amazing piece in The Baffler against the hyper-individualisation of mental health ‘strategies’ that starts with gratitude diaries and taking a minute to appreciate the taste of yr coffee and ends with the abolition of the prison system, universal healthcare and reimagining the role of the therapist. Thanks again to Clara for the link. Also this piece that’s been doing the rounds this week, a v fun no holds barred Defense of Cis Men - or rather, anti gender essentialist, performative heterofatalism.

Watched the v short Dyketactics by Barbara Hammer, via Herb Shellenberger’s amazing list on MAP magazine & looking forward to working my way through the rest. Also the second episode of Johnny Staccato, an amazing John Cassavetes starring & directed show about a jazz pianist who “supplements his income” working as a detective. Pure joy. Thanks to Ryan from the Another Subculture discord for posting this.

The new Powerplant single is fun. I tried to watch the BBC4 Slipknot doc but the internet kept cutting out because everyone else in this house is “at work” and “in meetings” smdh. Did manage to revisit some of the sets from Static Shock tho which are great, particularly Muro - the best band on planet earth, and The Annihilated - the best band in London.

That’s it - still working my way through these tabs. Still trying to stay alive. Thanks 2 everyone who’s sent me fun stuff they’ve been listening to or looking at or reading, keep it coming.

P x