BOOKS Covid Recs E-mail #49

fist fuck the system

Hello angels,

2 films & 3 texts today;

Thank you to Sam for sharing the link to Even the Olives are Bleeding, a film about Irish participants in the Spanish Civil War, both with the International Brigades & with O’Duffy’s Franco-supporting Irish Brigade.

Thanks also to Sop for linking me the great BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes & Sadomasochism another hour-long doc on the US lesbian SM scene which is full of amazing soundbites.

I enjoyed this article on the guy who runs The Black Vault & his FOIA obsession, a total legend. Also this on the FT about China’s youth (actual) Marxist movement is good.

This review of a book about the Chelsea Flea Market in NY is great but hit a little too close. God what I wouldn’t give to be rifling through someones old shit right now. I promise if it still exists after this I will go to Deptford Market every wednesday morning until I die. (also features a nice surprising little cameo from Ben Morea).

Anyw thats all - more coming as always. Stay strong & stay safe my friends.

P x