Love is invisible. So is terror.

GM Friends,

A wildly mixed bag today. Something for everyone/noone on Saturday.

First of all I “watched” (aka fell asleep during) Jamila, The Algerian - a film from 1958 about Djamila Bouhired & the Algerian resistance against French occupation. I missed the end cos i zzz’ed but it was v good though the subs are a little bit ropey if thats the kind of thing which will drive you up the wall.

Thanks to Jacob for sending me this short doc on the New York Times last print day using linotype & the switchover to photosetting which is good tho I found it quite stressful. 2 many deadlines & presses running at 100 miles an hour.

I also watched these 2 versions of Giantbum by Nathaniel Mellors which are up on the Box LA’s vimeo. First one is rehearsal & the second one is the ‘theatre’ piece about a group trapped inside the intestines of a giant which seems apt for rn. What I’d really like to see & which I think would help us all through lockdown is the full run of Ourhouse so if any of u are mates with Nathaniel please start petitioning on my behalf.

I read these Sean Bonney poems after Katerina Gogou, & this short piece on BDS & the art world which gives a good slating of art writing as well for good measure. If there are any fellow Charles Ingram Truthers out there this extremely thorough / borderline insane outlay by the guy who wrote the book that the play that the tv show was based on, was based on, is for you. Anyway clearly that’s enough for me for today - will find some energy & see u again bright and early sunday morning comrades. Stay safe.

P x