Truly the worst country

Hello friends,

In no real order;

Lauren Gerndt has been digitising her dads cassettes which include an absolute wealth of home-taped episodes of Maximum Rock n Roll radio from 79 - 80 (so far). They’re so good it’s insane.

Also this guest mix by Sam Ryser of Dripper World / Murderer / Dawn of Humans / Crazy Spirit is absolute grade A bangers from beginning to end honestly.

This v short interview on Mute with people involved with Woodbine collective in NY is interesting on hyper-localised organising which seems like a v good pivot for energy & particularly relevant right now. Also of course Tristan Cross’ endeavour to recreate Skehan’s in VR is real commitment to the bit to an insane degree.

I watched this short 2-vid recording of Tom of Finland talking about his work via the ICA email which is v good of course. I also watched A Story of Hong Gil-dong which is the first feature-length Korean animated film from 1967. If anyones watched The Rebel on netflix it’s based off the same folk-tale which is a gifted boy (Gil-dong) who becomes a Robin Hood-esque outlaw destroying corrupt magistrates & leading a peasant army against the aristocracy. That Korean Classic Film youtube channel has tonnes of other great stuff too.

I didn’t realise all of Joe Pera Talks With You was on All4 til today. I completely love it & like to watch it when I feel listless & don’t want to read anything or watch anything or think in any way. Anyw I watched a whole series today so take from that what u will lol. I hope it helps if you’ve not seen it, or even if you have tbh.

Bye friends,

P x