Robert Peston impaled on a spike

The above is a screenshot of me on London Live in 2014 (at 7.25am) talking about my Morrissey fanzine In Poverty. In my defense 6 years is a long time. Thanks then go out to Owen Hatherley (friend of the shop) for writing this for the Verso blog - on Morrissey & englishness & imagined nostalgia & the generational divide. Ngl I did put on Revelation afterwards, one of the better bootlegs, in order to wallow. I truly fucking loved Morrissey man. Anyway also on the verso blog another friend of the shop - Paige Murphy (w/ Tayler Hackett) on Covid’s impact on sex work & the full push for decriminalisation. The SWARM hardship fund is here if you’re in a position to donate.

Sticking with the weird english nostalgia theme (punishing myself today not sure why) - I watched this Jonathan Meades documentary on the Fens which is of course great and classic Meades. Link is this blog which has a considerable chunk of his output which should keep you going for abit.

This article on Hong Kong protesters taking the street demo’s into Animal Crossing is great & this review by Marina Vishmidt of the Cameron Rowland show at ICA which I didn’t manage to see & maybe never will is really good too. I also read the Digital Precarity Manifesto by Precarity Lab cos it’s kind of up my street despite being 100% averse to anyone doing a ‘manifesto’ in this day and age. Mainly the couple case studies are interesting, about the Fairchild Semiconductor Plant & it’s use of native american precarious labour & Uber’s brief attempt to provide a passport/border crossing service between San Diego and Tijuana.

I v much enjoyed this episode of Dynamite Hemmorrhage radio which is chock full of bangers incl. the great Child’s Pose & Marcel Wave representing. The back catalogue of shows is also worth dipping into - v reliable - consistent ragers.

That’ll do for now - hope yr all ok. Keep sending me those recs.

P x

p.s - 2 things I fucked up from yesterdays newsletter. 1) I spelled Haruomi Hosono’s name wrong (my bad - i normally do these at midnight so allow the sleepiness) 2) forgot to mention the best bit of the Samuel Delany/Octavia Butler video is Delany’s Seth Rogen laugh.