"Whats new & different?"

Hello my friends,

TO READ: Get Well Soon - an urgent & prescient text by Johanna Hedva on illness & revolution & access & organisation & language & what this ‘crisis’ is making legible or visible to some what has been clear for others for so long. Thanks to JB on instagram for sending me.

Also this long piece by the legendary Ishmael Reed from 1978, ostensibly on Muhammad Ali’s comeback fight against Leon Spinks but really about nothing, floating around all the hangers on and people trying to make as much money out of the spectacle as possible.

TO WATCH: This 5 min short by Ben Berman is just the right level of funny/tragic. Also an inadvertant sex work double bill: this short film on Objects of Desire, an exhibition by sex worker artists at Berlin’s Schwules Museum last year (feat. music by Vanity Crystal who are doing a live set on the Another Subculture TV stream on Thursday evening at 10pm) & Lizzie Borden’s Working Girls, another grade–A banger from this list of things to watch by Herb Shellenberger.

TO LISTEN TO: This episode of the new ad-hoc Suite (212) sessions w/ Erica Scourti is really great, talking about the UCU strikes, precarity, emotion & collective organising, memoir, self-help & lots more. Their churning out a whole load of great content atm so will most likely link to more episodes in the future.

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors, Stay Hydrated.

P x