RIP Manolis Glezos


Not much to share mainly because I spent most of yesterday watching the last few episodes of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! - last years anime super-hit & #1 covid recommendation. It’s 12 25-min episodes following 3 misfit high-school girls who form a club to make their own anime. It’s v meta and wholesome and sweet and funny and I love it. Also it has a killer theme song by chelmico.

I enjoyed this demo by the v aptly named Quarantine, particularly playing Nazikiller on repeat while serenely imagining what I would do to Viktor Orbán. Also listened to the new Dee Bee Rich cassette which is fun and not much else.

Larry Achiampong has put his film The Expulsion up for free on his website which is def worth a watch, of even more relevance rn dealing as it does with invisible labour, cleaning & class. Also artworld related (there won’t be much art posted here dw) is this succinct primer by Horrible Gif on, essentially, how to navigate being an artist without being a fuckhead? Many have tried, few have been successful.

That’s it 2 keep u going today - please keep sending me fun / interesting stuff yr looking at, reading & listening to. I’m running through these tabs like theres no tomorrow but there is so, until tomorrow friends…

P x