Hi again pals,

2 to read, 1 to watch & 3 to listen today;

This second installment of mayday radio’s conversations w/ a worker at the Nightingale hospital at the Excel is completely fucked but an important listen.

This NTS mix is really great, thanks to Chris for sharing. I also enjoyed the latest Infant Tree v early this morning.

This piece on jobs & fairy tales & what’s important was v nice - thanks to Jen for sharing on twitter

Thanks to Ed also for sharing this conversation & readings by Audre Lorde & Marge Piercy 2 stone cold legends

I also v enjoyed the 3rd issue of Horrid Covid, lots of diverse contributions around Time, drawings, poems, stories, a scavenger hunt, gifs & live feeds etc. V good.

That’s all - still a bit busy sorry but will return to normal at somepoint (lol)

P x