Is the ginger floss real?

Hi pals,

2 films, 2 texts, 2 audio, 2 tired.

Was gonna link the new Pablo Larrain film Ema cos I’m SURE it was free for everyone on mubi like 2 days ago - but now it’s not? Maybe I made it up. Anyw I hate to link to paid stuff but I enjoyed & recommend if u can get for free.

Also watched this documentary on The Warminster Thing for all my UFO heads out there. It’s good but seems like a demented amalgamation of like 3 different documentaries shot decades apart so not sure if it’s meant to be like that or its an avant-garde edit, anyw was for ‘research’ as always for something which might see the light of day soon if I can get my act together.

Big fan of this NTS mix by Stevenage anarcho boys Bad Breeding which is a clean hour of power, also this recontextualised comp by Sauna Youth that I missed in the bandcamp day madness is as great as always.

This short text on Pinko imagining a future clandestine whore network is amazing, w/ thanks to Paige for sharing on twitter, & this text on Hard Crackers by an inmate at Rikers on the strike is essential reading.

Have a good week ha ha ha,

P x