"Our culture of love is pretty martyrising"

Hello pals,

A good chunk of what i’ve looked at or read or listened to today I simply cannot share because it’s too unhinged, so here’s a sanitised version.

  1. This beautiful letter to a friend written amidst the revolution & now virus in Beirut.

  2. Peter Watkins’ Culloden, as linked on the ICA email (I tried to watch the Nestor Makhno film but once again they linked to a version w/out english subs). Classic Watkins - amazing & horrendous mockumentary on the battle of Culloden, the makeup of the respective armies, and then the aftermath.

  3. This half-chill/half-deranged mix that Dan Hancox shared on twitter. Has a completely insane ending which is v fun.

  4. This text on ‘Zoom fatigue’ or why communication seems such a struggle via video-link was v interesting.

  5. Enjoying the little films Ralph Pritchard is putting on his instagram - mainly of cycles casually juxtaposed with Bela Tarr or Monty Python or Succession, whatever he’s been watching - making loose associations. First four vids on the link.

  6. This anti-work text on New Inquiry - stick with it to the end when it gets to sabotage. Thanks 2 Marina for the link.

  7. This Weyes Blood liveset fucked me up.

    Goodbye & good morning!! See you tomorrow friends,

    P x