BOOKS EMAIL No. 56 (wednesday)

i apologise

Hello my friends,

An early morning chat with Esther a couple days ago about E.P. Thompson reminded me of Luke Fowler’s film The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott about his time teaching night classes with the Workers’ Educational Association in various industrial towns in Yorkshire. It’s mostly an hour of lush footage of the landscape & towns & municipal buildings the classes took place with a narration by Cerith Wyn Evans of Thompson’s notes on the classes. It’s great and it’s on the LUX Vimeo for £3 so even though I am loathe to recommend paid stuff LUX are good eggs and will use yr cash to good ends.

Thoroughly enjoyed the latest MRR Radio from the dream team Ben, Sean & Cam. I also, not enjoyed, but felt a lot of things listening to the latest episode of Bad Gays charting the downward trajectory of Morrissey which is very much worth listening to. You all know how I feel.

This essay on Denise Riley in the White Review is v v much worth diving into head-first even if you’ve read little or nothing of her work (like me :))

Anyw more tomorrow as always - see you then.

P x