private party

Good Monday Pals,

Why not kickstart yr week with this glorious vid of complete legend & queen of not giving a shit Bernadette Devlin destroying king smug William F Buckley plus assorted other turds-made-flesh from the panel. Power for yr morning. Thanks to twitter user Ruth Gilbert for sharing.

I LOVED the new ep of Doin’ It Ourselves which is packed to the brim with sweeties and legends from the gang at 54 the gate’s extremely prescient Wash Your Hands, Marcelo from Laricas about doing food delivery & the situation in Brazil, Ben from Another Subculture with a paeon to former times when people gathered to listen to horrid music and enjoy each others company. One day we will return. Creg also plays lots of great songs. If yr feeling rough (and who could blame you), I really recommend. Thanks to Creg & everyone still making stuff for the rest of us, true heroes. #clapforcreg

I also am a big fan of the 2 new Dry Cleaning songs played from their respective bedrooms, & this sax-y new NIGHTCLUB record.

& as always, last time I mention it I promise, but nearing the end of the latest Terrace House, thanks to Jon for the link to this piece on why you should watch it if you haven’t already, honestly what could you be doing that’s more important.

Anyway I miss and love you all and will see you down the alley soon, comrades.

P x