BOOKS Newsletter #67

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Hi pals,

I’m v behind on a deadline so not much today just a few short articles i’ve managed to get through the last few days. Apologies as always;

  1. This interview on Chuang w/ a couple people involved in the ongoing Hong Kong protest movement & it’s relationship to a shift in approach in mainland China & a lack of solidarity / inspiration w/ mainland organisers.

  2. This really great blog on daikon* on hate crimes & the need for a grassroots and community based response to racist violence beyond the state.

  3. This interview on Hard Crackers w/ a Minneapolis bus driver on organising their refusal to transport arrested protesters.

  4. This absolutely amazing Irish Times piece skewering the lack of self-awareness & jingoistic refusal to address any aspect of British history or why we might be where we are.

  5. This album by Papaya Paranoia.

Hope to be back with you with some big guns as soon as I can friends. Stay safe & stay sane.

P x