"Michael gave The Seinfeld Scripts (Paperback) 4-stars"

Hello comrades.

Apologies as my output starts to slow & real life starts to creep back in. Shop probably returning next week not rly due to desire but instead need. Stay tuned.

Here’s some treats I’ve been looking at since we last met;

V psyched that my fave pre-covid evening out F(r)ictions has moved online & the first in the series is up now - 3 short vids on labour, reproduction & repetition. The Rehana Zaman in particular is really great.

I read this incredible essay by the GOAT Ambalavaner Sivanandan which is a v precise summation of asian & black struggles in the UK in the 20th century and is essential reading.

The Forensic Architecture investigation into the murder of Mark Duggan is up on the Guardian site if you’ve not seen which is as usual v to the point.

I thoroughly enjoyed this hour on NTS w/ Bobby from The Annihilated.

I’m v close to finishing Peter Watkins’ La Commune which of c is fucking amazing (rip my attention span tbh) - the full almost 6 hours is up in 2 parts on this dropbox which has the rest of Watkins output so plug yr external HD in and go to town.

Also watched this rly great talk & q&a by Andre Brock on race & technoculture which is full to the brim with gold I had to keep pausing to take notes.

& finally yesterday I took a v long probably ill-advised hour+ walk in the rain to collect some books so managed to listen to this amazing interview w/ C.L.R James & Studs Terkel, and also an episode of Casualties of History, a book club / podcast reading E.P Thompsons The Making of the English Working Class. Thanks to Esther for the link & for the push to finally open up the big boy in earnest.

That’s all see u again when I see you friends,

P x