Supposing you brought the light inside the body?


Thanks 2 Rosa Gilbert on twitter for linking this film, about Gramsci’s time on the Ustica penal colony & the school he ran there for the locals w/ Bordiga & pals. Its a mix of dramatisation & narration from his letters plus interviews from people who’s parents went to the school or some who actually hung out with him at the time. Also some fun bits like getting horny for his sister in law & when they arrest a pig and put it in prison. I recommend - apparently it’s locked again on sat so get in while you can.

The rest is some short audio bits; this reading from Stephen Sutcliffe’s book is great & stupid, I Remember but w/ schoolkids in North Yorkshire - thanks to Tamar for sharing, & a couple of Mayday Rooms Radio Notes; Laurel Uziell reading from her new poetry collection & this quite intense convo with a mental health worker who volunteered to make some of the training material for workers in the Nightingale hospitals. Worth keeping an eye on the snippets they’re putting out.

For the latecomers who weren’t with us on day whatever when I linked to Huw reading the entirety of his incredible novel Red Tory, he’s finished so you can plow through the whole glorious thing.

You can also read this with yr head in your hands while listening to me on the last 10 mins of the Burley Fisher podcast talking about being unable to read & generally being unhinged. Thanks to Sam & Dan for editing it into something lucid.