we were all 20 once


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been making my way through these 5 episodes of The Strangeness of Dub, a monthly show on Morley radio by Edward George from Black Audio Film Collective. Annie Goh linked it on her twitter and it’s fucking incredible. Each episode is about 2 hours long and the whole project is this amazing expanded history of dub. The first ep he plays about 3 songs over the 2 hours, one of which is a 40odd minute congolese drumming track, & each song is prefaced by a deeply knowledgable & hyper enthusiastic outline of the religious, cultural & historical connections between each track, its sounds, it’s makers, it’s influence in the development of dub. What better time than now to devote 10 hours to the expanded & strange forms of dub - fucking put it on in the background w/ the windows open and relax, christ knows we need to.

Otherwise; I watched this mad film by Mariah Garnett on ex-military guys who work as stuntmen - navigating their physicality, PTSD & an ingrained need to be back in some form of warzone or set themselves on fire, etc.

I really recommend this recording daikon* have put up of a panel at their recent event as part of the Remember the Essex 39 campaign. It’s a really informative conversation on the realities of migration specifically from Vietnam & China vs the narratives that both the home office & those states perpetuate, about organising undocumented migrants and dealing with different state apparatus in the aftermath of the Morecambe Bay, Dover 58 & Essex 39 incidents. daikon* have also produced a zine outlining the work done with the campaign so far & theres a pdf up on their site.

That’s basically it for now - other than I feel like we (or maybe me, personally) are slowly reaching Conner O’Malley levels of unhinged-ness so his bike livestreams are normal now. Also apologies for fucking up yesterdays newsletter, you will receive it at 7am as normal from now on I promise you.

Thank you friends and see u in the morning

P x