"Take it easy but take it"


I’m attempting to pivot this newsletter to ‘joy only’.

As a result, today begins with this killer & joyful radio show from the complete legends at Heart n Soul - packed with bangers from DJ Castro, some tips & reminders about coping under lockdown and a v informative section on the history of video games. The show is monthly so you can tune in regularly from now on!!!!

Second is this glorious interview from 1974 between 2 GOATS; John Prine & Studs Terkel. John died from coronavirus a couple of weeks ago and someone tweeted out this link but I just got round to it. Annoyingly they’ve cut out all the songs he plays during the interview for copyright reasons (i guess??) but it’s so much better if you listen as they talk about them, so I’ll link them all here in order they appear (don’t say I never do anything for you lot). Flag Decal, Paradise, Hello in There, The Frying Pan, Sam Stone, Donald & Lydia, Spanish Pipedream & Flashback Blues. (A P.S for any fellow Studs fans, the podcast his archive do, Bughouse Square, is amazing - they choose an archived interview & invite someone contemporary in the same sort of remit & intersperse them v v v v recommended).

I’ve also been watching The Tatami Galaxy which is v fun & joyful. It’s about a Kyoto college student & his freak friend Ozu & his pal / love interest Akashi but each episode is set in a parallel universe where he’s joined a different student club. I did not realise but it’s the same guy who did the recent Devilman series for netflix & the upcoming Ping-Pong adaptation so that might pique yr interest, or not. Anyway its v fun and be warned the subtitles go asif it’s set on 10x speed so pay attention.

Until tomorrow my friends,

P x