serenely imagining tommy robinson having a cocaine induced brain aneurysm

Hello to u my friends and comrades,

I’ve decided to stop apologising when I send this late or miss a day or whatever. The original plan was ‘sporadic, maybe daily’ and I hit a pretty good streak but I know u all will understand sometimes there’s other pressing stuff to be done.

But anyw today I do have some recs;

Thanks 2 Andrew for ages ago linking me this truly incredible John Akomfrah film The Last Angel of History (written by Edward George) - on afrofuturism and truly featuring the absolute cream of the crop interviewers laying out absolute wisdom from start to finish. It’s amazing. George Clinton, Goldie, DJ Spooky, Greg Tate, Ishmael Reed! Samuel Delany! Octavia Butler! Kodwo Eshun! It’s so good & someones uploaded it to youtube so i rly recommend u watch before it goes.

Some more BUFP / British Black Power stuff w/ apologies but once i’m in a hole i’m in a hole. This article is really great in talking about what different groups Actually did like day to day on the ground & the real detailed stuff that is my absolute bread & butter. Who bought the houses, where did the money come from, who was working where, etc.

Relatedly & w/ thanks to Ed for the heads up this 1979 documentary on Linton Kwesi Johnson is amazing & available on BFI for £1.00 (I will apologise for linking paid stuff I apologise but maybe u can find a rip somewhere - the 1st half is on youtube but the second half is really good too).

Last but definitely not least the new Nkisi comp BLK SPLLS which I missed on the bandcamp day but is an absolute fucking stonker & 100% of the cash does to BLM.

That’s it - bye

P x