if this was a film i'd want my money back

Hello friends,

4 for you this monday;

This episode of The Dig’s new coronavirus mini series Antibody is good tho the tone is Extremely ‘leftist this american life’ which might do yr head in. it’s 4 stories based around ‘contact’, one about organising day labourers, Samuel Delany on summer-camp, truck orgies and NY porn theatres, one about housing & rent struggles in Oakland & Andrea Long Chu on dungeons & dragons (which is great).

Sit in the park eating a vegan almond magnum & read this weeks White Pube text expanding the concept of abolition as opposed to reform (in terms of police & prisons) to the art world. YES. u cannot reform a dead structure. burn it all down and rebuild something else I beg.

Thanks to Clara for linking this really great interview w/ Vicky Osterweil on her forthcoming book In Defense of Looting which is short but really nails so much stuff in a concise & pointed way.

& last but not least this great 20 min film up for free on Cinenova atm; A Tribute to Black Women (They don’t get a chance) - amazing community film-style interviews w/ people on the street asking them to name a famous black woman coupled with a history lesson of two overlooked black women; Harriet Tubman & Mary Seacole. V v recommended catch it while you can.

OK that’s all for now, see u soon

P x