get into the zone

Hello comrades,

Today I share with you this documentary on antifascist “skinhead hunters” in Paris.

This interview w/ the great John Smith on Suite (212) which fans of this newsletter will be familiar with from day 37.

I read this piece on Viewpoint on DIY wanted posters & using the forms of the state against itself. A minor sticking point but see if you can guess what part of paragraph 20 drove me up the wall.

An absolutely astonishing last one for you is this digitised archive from the Sparrows Nest Library & radical archive in Nottingham. Over 2,300 items (around 5% of what they physically have) all available. Some truly amazing stuff here like early Anarchy’s on the Provos & the Peckham Experiment, Black Chip - a journal of computing for anarchists, & tons and tons of local radical papers. If nothing else it’s worth a look for the graphic design alone;


P x