If you can't get a hard on get a gun

Hi Comrades,

The nature of this newsletter is that I’m always a day too late. With that in mind here’s some May day specific bits & bandcamp recommendations lol.

First of all I loved the last in the series on the close tinyletter asking 15-18 year olds to write about their experience of the covid crisis. Thanks to Huw for flagging. Also really recommend this piece by Jay Owens on covid & the press which is fucking great. If you’re not burnt out at this point on texts on covid & capitalism this one on Spectre is pretty concise & feels disconcertingly optimistic.

I listened to this Four Tet boiler room while scanning (my fave activity) but would like someone to explain to me where this guy lives.

This short text by friend and comrade Leila Kassir on community & working class publishing w/ specific ref to the collections at Senate House is as you may expect extremely up my street.

I read the glorious Incomplete True, Authentic and Wonderful History Of May Day by Peter Linebaugh on Leftovers (top tip, do readers view cos its relatively long) which is all over the place in classic P Linebaugh style in the best way. Also contains some great poems from across the ages & continents which is a nice juxtapose to Paige Murphy’s new may day poem on their substack.

Some music that took my head CLEAN OFF today: this comp of Vivien Goldman songs is complete stone cold bangers from start to finish. The new Negative Space live tape released today is a fucking ripper!!! The fact it’s live too my god I’m so bored of dead fucking livestream bedroom mixes it’s so good to hear ENERGY. Also the new Sial also out today (yesterday, whatever) is unreal. Best band on planet earth. If this doesn’t have your brow furrowed doing the stink-face headbang check your pulse, you may be dead.

See you tomorrow if I can keep my eyes open pals.

P x