BOOKS Wednesday #36 COVID-19 E-mail :)

Congratulations Zayn & Gigi


3 films for you - this fantastic doc on the Broadwater Farm estate. It’s from 1988 so of course touches on the riots but it’s much more about the life & community. V recommended, thanks to Jenny for sending me the link.

I also enjoyed this 10-min film by Sky Hopinka, a letter to the Xąwįska plant that rouses those who’ve fainted. Thanks to Herb for the rec again culled from his extremely good list.

Also I’m half-way through this conversation between James Baldwin & Nikki Giovanni which is amazing - linked on the ICA email a while ago. It’s 2 hours but I could listen to these talk all fuckin’ day.

Love love love the Sniffany & The Nits 7” which is absolutely deranged.

Also I’ve been reading this history of Central books and then reading up on shops & characters & publications that sound interesting (for example that in the 40’s where Pempeople is on Peckham High St was a bookshop run by the Communist Party or that Banner Books in Camden had staff dressed as Young Pioneers (can’t find a pic unfortunately)) - anyw one of the offshoots was looking up some of the titles Central distributed incl China Reconstructs which has a big archive of scans here to dip into if you’re interested.

That’s it!