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Hello pals,

Short & sweet;

A joy this week which some of u are probably already on is the great Huw Lemmey’s latest venture, an essay for every episode of Frasier, in order - it’s even better than it sounds so subscribe here.

I enjoyed this ep of the Iniva podcast Chatting in the Stacks w/ Kaya Birch-Skerritt all about zines (of c) which is great.

Also been enjoying the first couple eps of the E OI podcast w/ Jonesy of Asid/Chain of Flowers etc and Neo from twitter (& not sure what else). It’s v jokes talking about Merthyr facebook groups, school, welsh labour, etc. Second episode has some incredible youth centre rap which is pure gold.

Obvs been listening to folklore so fuck off.

Quite into this 10 min audio piece by Harun Morrison for Quote Unquote which is just ambient recordings of music from peoples cars.

Thanks 2 Mina for sharing this ep of the Meuko! Meuko! NTS show which is v good and weird. Thanks to Chris for sharing this fucking amazing SNO NTS show as well which is unreal.

This short Alice Walker essay on her mission to place a headstone at Zora Neale Hurston’s unmarked grave is amazing & probs one of the best things I’ve read this year.

Thanks to Oli for turning me onto John Samson’s films, fans of the shop will not be surprised to learn I started w/ Dressing for Pleasure his doc on rubber fetish.

Read this pitchfork piece on the Wipers Youth in America but mainly just listened to the actual record which still rips.

& last but not least I loved this little 10 min doc on Star Wars fanzines & the women who wrote them.

That’s it - til next week,

P x