BOOKS weekly no. 2 / #80

a 'moment' if you will


another week. here’s a whole load of shit for you in no particular order;

this v good HEAVILY illustrated NY Times piece on Rosie Lee Tompkins a.k.a the greatest artist of the 20th century should take your head clean off.

I also enjoyed this conversation between Noname & Boots Riley on black struggle, culture, lessons from the past & masculinity, etc.

This piece on novara by Nathalie Olah on philanthropy is v concise & v accurate.

I’ve just bought the 2-vol 1600+ page edited edition of the Inman diary so read this great LRB piece on it - truly one of the most insane documents known to man, a 17 million word meticulously kept diary by a deeply neurotic, v wealthy bedridden sickly man who would pay people to come in off the street and tell him their life story. Here’s a typically cheery taste:

I also read the infamous Christopher Dorner communique as annotated & supplemented w/ archive material by Research & Destroy which is an amazing document of police corruption & where it leads.

This Gelato NTS mix is extremely hard.

This piece on Real Life on images of black death & their circulation & Arthur Jafa’s much shared Love is the Message.. work is v useful.

This Japanese ambient comp is fucking amazing thanks to Andy for linking on twitter (i was lurking).

The latest Harakiri show on NTS is good and introduced me to this stone cold banger from Artificial Joy.

Also rly enjoyed this BrakFM show too w/ thanks to Creg - v good to Get Work Done To.

Thanks to Sean for sharing this zine comparing polling of white people on the their attitude towards the civil rights movement and comparing to similar polling on BLM today.

ENDING TODAY aka THURSDAY is the amazing Weed Killer by true legend Patrick Staff which is up on Spike Island atm. V v recommended and timely to come back to it after reading Gillian Rose’s Love’s Work last week at the shop.

Last but not least this absolute Gift to the world - 2 legends Carl Cattermole of the Prison Survival Guide / loads else & Dorothy of Lumpen / loads else have made an audiobook from the amazing Diary of a Squat - a 1989 book charting the day to day activities of the huge ex-childrens hospital at 1 Clapham road right by oval station:

It’s so great I really recommend and is about 5 hours so you can just listen to it like a podcast a day for the week. Another piece of serendipity I’m reading Doris Lessing’s The Good Terrorist atm so v much in the mindset of the mid-80’s squatting scene.

Also a cheeky plug - thanks 2 Marina & Vania aka mother tongues for asking me to take part in their Waves & Rituals audio series (as previously linked here at length). I made a 20 minute collage about UFOs - loosely around contact & communication (in keeping with the MT remit of language & translation) if that sounds up your street & might explain some other bits previously linked here (and more to come as the next BROB takes shape)

Anyw that’s it til next week - you can always come see me irl at BOOKS (up the alley (oi oi) at 125 Rye Lane, the best place on planet earth, SE15 4ST) and we can share what we’ve been up to in person at a distance.

Bye pals,
P x