BOOKS weekly no. 3

please mr. sunak, can i have 1 vegatsu

hello friends,

life continues; I read the introduction to this amazing looking book Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies, on newsletter networks & telephone information exchanges, archives and indexing. I’m super psyched to devour the whole thing if anyone is looking for a bday prez for this mid-life cancerian.

Also sure plenty of u are on it already but this Vulture profile of Michaela Coel is as good as everyones been saying.

To watch, the extremely good Pruitt-Igoe Myth is up for free til the end of the month & I heartily recommend - on the material & racist underlying conditions that resulted in the ‘failure’ of so many modernist housing initiatives which could easily be extrapolated to places over here.

Also this amazing documentary Blacks Britannia, made by a US network and not shown here cos it was deemed too ‘dangerous’, the distance of the filmmakers just allows the reality to come through. It’s v good.

I also watched A Class Divided the Jane Elliott film about her brown eyes - blue eyes discrimination exercise for kids (and prison staff lol).

Of c I have been working my way through Enty’s reveals on crazy days & nights for all u goss heads out there & I know theres some of you.

Last but not least this New Yorker piece on Starship Troopers is great.

Planning on pivoting to saturdays so light on the ground today cos I should have another little lot for you for Saturday morning so hold tight pals and stay safe.

P x