St. Jones & Patrick Willmann

Hello Friends,

Vote Huncho for Mayor.

Today I enjoyed this playlist on video data bank '“curated” by Steve Reinke: 6 films all v diy and fun and very 80’s & the polar opposite of all the hour and a half slooow video essays i’ve been wading through the last few weeks (/my life). I cannot vouch for all of them but I thoroughly enjoyed the Cecilia Condit & Liza Bear ones.

This v good Covid response zine from fag tips & the WHAT WOULD AN HIV DOULA DO? Collective which frames part of their recent exhibition & work on radical care networks during the AIDS crisis against contemporary contributions positing the same questions against the coronavirus backdrop. V good. Image above is from it, by Ezra & Noah Benus.

I listened to this pretty intense audio workshop w/ Clay AD & Rusti on bodies, illness, dysphoria & somatic experience. It’s a combination of conversation and a few exercises you can engage with, with thanks to Amanda for sharing on twitter.

I also recommend listening to PC World v loud each morning while you make breakfast.

That’s it

P x