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Hello my comrades,

For you on this balmy morning;

  1. Thank you to Esther for sending me this essay by E.P Thompson on the change in our perception of time in relation to the development of capitalism. It’s great & feels quite timely and is full of glorious little anecdotes like the attempt to impose a tax on all watches and clocks and the reverence to Saint Monday, a custom by which you eased yourself back into the working week by either dossing around, leisurely preparing the workplace or just not going to work at all. Much to learn from.

  2. Thanks to Thomas and Janek for sending through their new album as Not Quite So. It’s like spoken word ambient, I don’t know what it is but I’m very into it.

  3. This poem by Rob Kiely is the only Elon Musk content I want to read ever again.

  4. I read this short blogpost on Cummings & culture & climate change aka how we’re all fucked and everythings dogshit.

  5. This Concrete Lawn record is an absolute grade-a golden rager.

That’s it! More tomorrow as always,


P x