Saturday June 6th BOOKS Covid-Recs

attack and dethrone god

Hello comrades good morning,

Yesterday I listened to this Dreamcast mix for George Floyd, & also on NTS this 2-hour long collection of scandinavian punk from the 70s & 80s which is gold.

Also the full 5-hour Nine Nights #1 stream is here and is v good, feat the goat GAIKA, Michelle Tiwo, V12 & loads more.

Solidarity with Alex Vitale who is (understandably) fuckin everywhere atm. Reading this then watching his interview on Tysky Sour, the book is free rn here.

More BUFP - here is a scanned compilation of their concise series in Black Voice on black british history from the 16th century to the 1980s.

Latest installment of New York Dance Music dropped yesterday too & is full of bangers for yr weekend. Get hype stay safe.

Til tomorrow,

P x