Sunday BOOKS Recs Email #33

"Pimps don't commit suicide"

“Fresh-faced”, Venice, 2011, (Happy Liberation Day 2 my Italian comrades)

Hello friends,

A mixed bag as always - I know I have already sung the praises of the Life Harvester podcast but I truly urge you to listen to this beautiful episode w/ Jimmy Webb, NY queer punk legend who died last week. It’s v funny and emotional and full of life even when he’s crying recounting a speech he gave in honour of Joey Ramone or living in the park as a heroin addict my guy LIVED. Give it an hour of yr time you won’t regret.

I also for “research” read this great LRB piece on Tom DeLonge & the Blink 182/CIA UFO nexus (as usual, extremely my shit), as well as these reviews of Yuichi Yokoyama’s Outdoors (available now from Breakdown) & the 1st volume of the FINALLY translated Rose of Versailles aka the o.g revolutionary androgynous queer manga both on solrad. P.S. if anyone gives a shit about this stuff & can recommend me an alternative to Manga Rock now they’ve started deleting stuff I will be indebted to u forever. DM me.

I also listened to a bit of this Toby Jones reading Ed Atkins’ book Old Food cos I loved the book but found it too Overdone and Theatre Projection Acting which i fuckin hate so bailed out - would recommend listening to Ed himself reading some of it & singing here which is way better.

That’s it! Hope yr prepared for this to descend into a 100% UFO newsletter cos I can feel it brewing, you have been warned.

P x