Frankie Stubbs Forever

Hello comrades,

Apologies for the delay, I read a lot of bad stuff not worth sharing then slept.

#1 today is this piece by Huw Lemmey in defense of heckling which is a really good rejoinder to a good chunk of bullshit I’m sure we’re nowhere near hearing the end of in terms of ‘civility’ in The Discourse.

I also enjoyed this in Tribune on timelessness & burnout under quarantine, & also this good succinct primer on the British suppression of the Greek resistance.

A couple substacks; I enjoyed this sprawling essay on Leatherface’s Mush album v much, & also this zoomed out look at the whole Jia Tolentino human trafficking situation is good.

Last & not least another DRPK romance for you; Urban Girl Comes to Get Married tells the tale of a Pyongyang fashion designer who takes part in a worker-peasant exchange programme and falls in love with an agricultural worker. It’s no O Youth! but has got an extremely banging theme song which you might recognise from the great Radio Pyongyang comp.

That’s all for today - see u tomorrow pals.

P x