The BOOKS Covid Recs E-MAIL no. 61

Blitzed & Juched

Hello pals,

Today I recommend this paper on prostitution & public space in victorian cambridge which I read off the back of it’s mention in this Pinko piece I linked to a week or so ago on policing & public health. It’s v interesting on the spatial aspect of the university’s attempt to control sex work to certain parts of the city, it’s actual imprisonment of any women suspected of carrying a disease & it’s relation to the bourgeois moral delineation between the street & indoor domesticity. It isn’t as dry as it might at first seem particularly towards the end where it includes testimonials & lived experiences of sex workers at the time.

I also was into this Jodi Dean piece on ditching the label late capitalism in favour of the more accurate tech neofeudalism which is as u may expect a barrel full of laughs.

The great Power Makes us Sick collective have put up a new zine on care during Covid which is full of practical tips on somatics & recentring, home made immune boosting as well as resources for mutual aid, accountability & more.

Relatedly I also enjoyed Relaxing Old Footage with Joe Pera w/ special mention to TreeTV.

A quick last min addition cos it ends at 7.30 tonight but I watched this film thanks 2 deptford cinema about North Korean orphans who were sent to eastern europe during the Korean war. It’s a bit of a slow starter but has some interesting framing on the ways in which attempts were made to retain the kids sense of identity before they could be brought back.

& that’s it - bye

P x